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Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Effective pain relief using hot stone massage therapy in Calgary

There are different massage techniques used by therapists to promote long-term healing and pain relief. Hot stone massage therapy is one of the most effective techniques in massage therapy techniques in traditional Chinese medicine. It induces deep relaxation and relieves chronic pain.

During hot stone massage therapy, the therapist uses hot stones with other regular massage techniques. It is not ordinary stones. This therapy uses smooth and flat basalt stones which have high iron content and can retain heat. They are usually river stones made from volcanic rock. Sometimes therapists use limestones, marine stones, or sandstones as well. Before the process, the stones are heated by dipping them in hot water or by using a stone heater. The hot stones are placed on specific areas of the body, such as the back, stomach, hands, feet, etc.

Benefits of hot stone massage therapy

Hot stone massage therapy relaxes and refreshes your body and mind. Here are the other reasons to try hot stone massage therapy.

Experts for hot stone massage therapy in Calgary

If you are searching for a massage therapy clinic providing hot stone massage therapy, look no further. Calgary Massage Therapy Woodbine offers hot stone massage therapy safely and effectively. We have a fully equipped massage therapy clinic with efficient therapists to provide various massage therapy services. We offer a full set of massage specialty massages that promotes pain relief, induce deep relaxation, and improve mood.

At our clinic, we take extra effort to ensure you maximum comfort during massage therapy services. We take all safety precautions to make sure our clients get safe and effective massage treatments. When you approach us for massage therapy, we will assess your health status and problems. We will suggest the appropriate massage techniques that give you the best outcomes. All our massage therapy processes are carried out in a soothing environment. It is intensely comforting and improves your overall health.

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