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Prenatal therapy

Safe and effective prenatal massage therapy in Calgary

Pain and discomfort are not uncommon among pregnant women. The good part is multiple alternative therapies help you get relief from the muscle soreness, pain, and other discomforts of pregnancy. Prenatal massage therapy is not just for people who have severe pain and discomfort. It can be an ideal choice for women who are going through a normal pregnancy and wish to have a vaginal delivery.

If you are searching for the right clinic that offers safe and effective prenatal massage therapy in Calgary, here ends your search.

Calgary Massage Therapy Woodbine offers prenatal massage therapy to treat a wide range of pregnancy-related health problems. We are one of the top-rated massage therapy clinics in Calgary. We provide authentic and comfortable prenatal massage therapy services that give relief from various discomforts associated with pregnancy.

Why prenatal Massage Therapy?

Prenatal therapy is a branch of massage therapy that caters to the needs of women during pregnancy. It helps to maintain strength, boost flexibility, and improve the range of motion during pregnancy. It is an effective method to get relief from physical pain associated with pregnancy.

Prenatal massage therapy is an ideal complementary treatment method for pregnant women struggling with various musculoskeletal conditions. For example, many pregnant women struggle with lower back pain which limits their ability to do everyday activities of life. It may decrease the quality of life and productivity of the individual. If done right, prenatal massage therapy can give effective relief from musculoskeletal pain during pregnancy. It helps in relieving pain related to swollen feet, varicose veins, sciatica, hemorrhoids, etc.

Apart from pain relief, prenatal massage therapy helps to strengthen pelvic muscles and improves posture. It releases stress on the joints and muscles which will help to improve flexibility. Furthermore, prenatal massage therapy strengthens the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles which will fasten the post-pregnancy recovery.

Safe and effective prenatal massage therapy in Calgary

At Calgary Massage Therapy Woodbine, we provide personalized care and support during your pregnancy journey. Our process starts with a proper assessment of your health condition, and our therapists will peacefully listen to your concerns and discomforts. We will develop a comprehensive prenatal therapy plan that addresses your health concerns. We make sure each of the techniques is safe for you and your baby. We go the extra mile to assure you of maximum care with minimal discomfort.

We have specialized therapists who have undergone training in delivering massage therapy services with utmost care and comfort. Our therapists will help you learn various stretching exercises which increases the flexibility in the hips, abs, back, etc. We promise you deep relaxation and proper comfort in a safe and cozy space during the treatment procedure.

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