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Is Massage Therapy Effective for Your Body?

Every day workload and stress worsen your body, and everyone needs relaxation. After working too hard, when you take a pause, the pain and discomfort come along the way. Pushing yourself back and forth all day long, relaxation is the only thing you look forward to. Fortunately, there are numerous ways by which you can pamper a tired body.

If you don’t know what it is, read the blog to get an insight into it.

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy is an ancient technique to heal pain, injuries, and muscle tensions, relieve stress, improve well-being, and do many miracles to your body. The term ‘massage therapy’ describes expansive techniques that vary in which touch, pressure, and the intensity of the treatment are applied.

According to Chinese records, it is one of the oldest healing arts, dating back 3,000 years, and effective in healing numerous pain and symptoms. It helps to get the blood flowing, which speeds up recovery.

Different Massage Therapy& its Effectiveness

Massage therapy is beyond relaxation and has astounding benefits that might surprise you. Whether you want mental or therapeutic relief, relaxation, pampering yourself, reducing muscle spasms, or promoting a healthy lifestyle, massage therapy is the best solution for every ailment.

There is numerous massage therapy for different conditions, ailments, relaxation, and many more:

1. Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot stone massage therapy is an archaic treatment for relaxation performed by a professional massage therapist. It helps to relax the tensed muscles by using hot stones in a specific part of the body. Stones made of basalt are typically warm-retaining volcanic rocks. The hot stones are heated between 130 and 145 degrees and positioned in the discomfort body parts.

Heat is well known for its ability to relieve pain. It is enormously effective at easing pain if tension is behind the discomfort or ache. Heat increases blood flow to an area when it is applied to it. Massage can alleviate spasms and allow joints and muscles to be gently flexed, thus allowing them to regain mobility and movement.

2. Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy involves placing special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. Inflammation, pain, and relaxation are all common reasons people receive them.

Cupping creates suction that draws fluid into the treated area. Suction forces expand and break open tiny blood vessels (capillaries) under the skin. Cupping causes your body to treat the area like an injury. It stimulates natural healing by sending more blood to the area. Cupping is believed to clear pores and release toxins.

Studies on cupping’s effectiveness are few and far between. There is no clear explanation for why cupping helps people, nor do researchers know how it works. People may assume that cupping works because it provides a placebo effect.

3. Prenatal Massage Therapy

Prenatal massages can feel especially wonderful when extra weight and posture changes trigger new aches and pains. Anyone who’s ever had a professional massage knows that both body and mind benefit.

A prenatal massage is designed to accommodate the anatomical changes that occur during pregnancy. A trained massage therapist will make accommodations to allow you to lie face down safely while allowing room for your growing belly and breasts as your shape and posture change. Pillows and cushions might help you lie on your side.

Massage relaxes and loosens your muscles and reduces stress hormone levels in your body. Furthermore, it can increase blood flow, which is very helpful when pregnant, as well as keep your lymphatic system running effectively. A connection between the mind and the body is comforting if you ever wonder if you’re hiding a baby or if an alien has taken up residence inside you.

The benefits of prenatal massage include relaxation, as well as relief from the following:

  • Headaches and sinus congestion
  • Insomnia
  • Leg cramping
  • Swelling in your hands and feet (as long as that swelling isn’t a result of preeclampsia)
  • Neck and back pain
  • Carpal tunnel pain
  • Joint pain
  • Sciatica

4. Deep Tissue Massage

A highly effective style of massage that is used to relieve deep-rooted tension in the body. Deep tissue is best for those who have chronic aches and pains and sports athletes who have overworked their bodies. Joint pain, muscle tension, strains, and pulls are great candidates for a deep-tissue massage. Trigger-point therapy is often used to treat such conditions.

Deep tissue massage helps with several conditions:

  • sports injuries
  • tennis elbow
  • fibromyalgia
  • plantar fasciitis
  • sciatica
  • high blood pressure

Final Thoughts

Massage therapy not gets your hand only for relaxation but has impeccable benefits. Whether you got an injury while playing sports or working, massage therapy is an excellent choice. It can diminish stress and anxiety, relieve pain, relax muscles, and relieve muscle tension.

The Calgary Massage Therapy Woodbine offers massage treatments, such as Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping Therapy, Prenatal Therapy, Myofascial Release, Hot Stone Massage Therapy, Sports Massage, and more. Our professional masseur and masseuse have years of experience working with all ilks of clients, and we are dutiful to ensure each session is tailored to your requirements.

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